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Coming soon: GIRAF 2011 Workshop

5. - 9. December 2011
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Organised by the IUGS-CGI and UNESCO
Hosting Organisation: SEAMIC


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GEO-LEO (GEO Library Experts Online) is a virtual library for the specialty fields of mining, geography, maps, Earth sciences, and astronomy. This is a free Internet portal to search for, find and obtain books, periodicals, articles, websites and maps in the context of geosciences. Free or licensed full texts, e.g. from e-journals, are directly accessible. Furthermore, papers can be published in GEO-LEOe-docs.

GEO-LEO is a service provided by the university library ćGeorgius Agricolaä of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the G³ttingen State and University Library (Niedersŗchsische Staats- und Universitŗtsbibliothek G³ttingen, SUB) of the University of G³ttingen. This cooperation is based on the DFG's (Germany's Research Foundation) ćnational distributed library planä, which shares the scientific literature provision between selected university libraries, each with special scientific priorities. Both libraries have a similar focus on the geosciences aspects of this library plan and therefore they cooperate closely. This is the background of their partnership and of the project GEO-LEO, funded by the DFG since 2002.

GEO-LEO searches simultaneously through approximately 1.2 million references in library catalogues, approximately 800 000 articles and reviews in data bases and approximately 47 000 full texts on more than 80 repositories.

In GEO-LEO more than 3 800 internet resources are integrated with a geosciences background from the data base of “Geo-Guide”, a collection of geosciences related web links. A web indexing engine, based on the web links “Geo-Guide”, offers more than 125 00 Digital documents (HTML pages, PDF documents).

GEO-LEO offers three possibilities for access: a Google-like fast search, an advanced search with various options, and a thematic tree for topical browsing. An integrated GEO-LEO search box is also available for user websites.

GEO-LEO offers a wide range of benefits ranging from a simple literature search to more complex tools like saving search results and exporting them either to bibliographic tools like EndNote, BibTeX, Reference Manager or as text files. The email alert service automatically presents new books, articles and web resources which are related to a user defined search.

GEO-LEOe-docs is an open access publication platform for information resources about geosciences and related topics. Scientists can publish their scientific results and read full texts written by other authors free of charge. GEO-LEOe-docs is a repository, developed for GEO-LEO. Scientists and students can publish preprints or postprints of reviewed papers, dissertations, diploma theses, excursion reports and even whole conference proceedings. Because of worldwide internet access these texts are easily available and thereby more often cited. The exact procedure for publishing texts is described in the GEO-LEOe-docs online help. GEO-LEOe-docs is the publication server of the Specialised Information Service for Solid Earth Geosciences (FID GEO).


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